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Entertaining Hammocks

Top 15 ways to use a hammock

In the following videos you will see why hammock is a necessary thing in every home. Hammocks are usually used for resting but if you feel lonely you can invite your pets and friends and make a party on it. There’s always enough space for everybody. Don’t worry if you get fired, you and your family can get a free haircut in a hammock. And the best of all if you want to prevent a heart attack just keep away from friends who like to interrupt your sweet hammock dreams.

1. Girls on a hammock

How to spend a beautiful day in your backyard? Well, this is easy! You just need a hammock and acrobatic skills, like these two girls.

2. Bear relaxing in a hammock!

Have you ever seen anything more wonderful than this relaxed bear? He is just sitting, gently swinging, looking for the most comfortable position ... and yes! He fell asleep!

3. A great break-dance!


If you really want to break it you should twist your hammock chair and launch yourself from the clouds to the floor. It’s less painful to spin on your butt than on your head!

4. Hammock has a cure!

Your younger sister doesn’t want to listen to you?! Just tie her while she has sweet dreams in a hammock and roll her until she agrees to do whatever you want!

5. Two is a couple, three is a crowd!

Jumping into a hammock requires concentration. Be careful or mind your back.

6. Hammock the Hairdresser

Don’t take your children to a hairdresser. Buy them a hammock and save your money!

7. 911 Hammock

Whenever you think that party might be a disaster take your hammock with you. You won’t be bored and your friends will be happy to have you with them.

8. Good hammock prevents a heart attack


Don’t frighten your friend while he is in a pleasant hammock sleep, he might really get angry!

9. First time Hammock?

Don’t be scared when you first try to sit on a hammock. Good friends will teach you and then you can enjoy.

10. Bunch of guys

Even the smallest hammock can be comfortable enough for six guys.

11. Chill

He doesn’t use any drugs! Hammock makes even the grumpiest very calm.

12. Puppet

Put your dog in a hammock, pull its head and legs through a hammock net so you can move them in all directions. Make a performance and sell tickets for a hilarious comedy.

13. Nirvana

If you want to tame a wild cat give her a gently hammock swing, but don’t expect it to be a pet when a swing stops.

14. Spiderman

Don’t lie in a hammock if you don’t want to enjoy. Sometimes it can trap you like a spider.

15. Oh, daddy, what happened?

Don’t teach your child how to swing! Teach your husband how to use a hammock!