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Brands We Stock


The Heart and Soul of Aussie Camping

Looking for good quality Australian camping gear? OZtrail manufacture a good range of family camping gear and rugged outdoor equipment for conditions in Australia, New Zealand and beyond.

They have a good reputation for quality tents, with an enormous range of variation so you can find the right floor plan for what you need. And to fill the tent you can also purchase sleeping bags, cookware, backpacks, mattresses, furniture, kitchen benches, tables and portable fold out chairs.

OZtrail started in the late 1980s by the Whittaker family is now at the forefront of Australian camping. They pride themselves on producting innovative designs year after year, an example being the Breezeway window technology.

OZtrail camping equipment is designed by an Aussie company for Australians going camping. The Whittaker family is still at the helm of the company looking to delivery leading products with trademark quality and providing you with value for money.


Providing innovative designs and practical outdoor and urban products at a realistic price.

Caribee have a commitment to offering the latest in design, quality manufacturing processes in order to produce quality outdoor and urban equipment. Caribee also pride themselves on providing outstanding service and quality to customers.

The Caribee brand was original established by Clipper International. Clipper opened its doors in 1956, but soon recognised that it needed to change focus to meet a growing outdoor consumer trend.

Caribee's mission is to provide customers with innovative designs and practical outdoor and urban products at a competitive price.

Caribee is famous for its backpacks, hydration packs, shoulder bags, tote satchels, mattresses, luggage and tents.


In the outback or at home, the Onland Australia products ensures a restful life.

Based in Brisbane, Queensland with warehousing in Fyshwick, Australian Capital Territory, Onland is a real local Australian company.

Onland began operations over 10 years ago by manufacturing outdoor camping products. Then in the mid 1990s they expanded their product range to also include aluminium outdoor furniture.

Onland are famous for the quality of their swags with 100% cotton canvas in 14 oz. The Onland Jardine sway is the best quality swag in the range being a super deluxe king size. There's no need to weather the swag as it's ready to go straight out of the box. A feature is the full length fly mesh with vent at the feet end and an all weather flap awning.


Famous for their canvas backpacks, Huskie canvas leather hats, and canvas shoulder backpacks.

Establishing the business in 1972, owners Richard and Catherine Whillas would construct their own oilskin cloth using a wringer mangler with a combination of oils and waxes they found on local land. Oil skin cloth is ideal for harsh Australian conditions due to its durability and toughness. And so Kakadu Traders was born.

The third generation of the Whillas family still manages the family business and supplies tough, reliable outwear to customers in over 50 countries around the planet. The strong rugged canvas, refined oils and waxes, top grain cowhide and antique brass hardware and amongst the best raw materials that allow the job to get done time and time again.

Kakadu Traders are famous for their Canvas Backpacks, Huskie Canvas Leather Hats, and Canvas Shoulder Backpacks.


"The roots of true achievement lie in the will to become the best you can become." - Harold Taylor

Vango was established in 1967 in the West of Scotland, in the Glasgow area. Vango pride themselves on their innovation. Every product created is packed full of experience, reliability, quality, design, usability and innovation.

Their main concern is ensuring that their products are fit for every type of customer from weekend campers right through to experienced hard core professionals.

In 2010 Vango invented the Thermal Embrace System used in the Supernova and down-filled Viper sleeping bags. An elasticised thread is sewn into the sleeping bag lining. Its purpose is to gently pull the liner towards your body whilst still giving you a good amount of wriggle room. As the lining moves towards your body it increases the amount of loft between the inner and outer layers which results in greater insulation properties and consequently more warmth.

Famous for the Vango Nitestar sleeping bag, Vango Venom Compact Down Sleeping bag and the Viper 500 Compact Down Sleeping bag. The Viper 500 is rated for minus 18 degrees celsius. Brrrrr.


Taking fun to the water

Connelly started out in early 1965 selling wood skis. Connelly pride themselves on being leaders in quality products, innovation and customer satisfaction. They have invented many world first designs that are now defacto industry standards.

Camping Central stocks products from Connelly's water sports fun range including the Connelly 54 inch Inflatable Ski Spin Tube and the Connelly Mirage Surf Kneeboard Water Ski.

The Mirage is constructed with a directional hull which provides for a relaxed and more stable ride. The easy to use rope hook makes learning easier and the countoured pad with padded strap give you extra control. A good family board, great for beginners.