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Independent camping reviews of your choice


As you may already know, Melanie sends us independent reviews on camping gear and gazebos. She tests our ordering and delivery processes, and then gives each of the products a good work out to see how they fare under Australian conditions and Australian children.

To date, Mel has reviewed the OZtrail Deluxe Gazebo, Gazebo Mesh Wall, Caribee Plasma Sleeping bag and is now working on our very popular Big Boy folding chair and brand new Deluxe 4 Shelf Kitchen Portable Cupboard. We’ve chosen these products because they’re very popular or we just think they’re terrific and want you to know more.

But is there anything that you would particularly like Mel to examine for an independent review? Some products are really hard to get a good feel for if you’re not physically in the same room as them. One day we’ll work on web technology to transport a virtual product to you so you can examine it in detail, every little seam, but until then we’ll have to settle for what we have available – photos, text and video reviews. I know! Far more boring than having our own teleportal, but settle we must!

I know it’s not always ideal to get along to a camping showroom (particularly for our friends up in the far north west of Australia!!!) and wait around for sales staff. Mel’s independent reviews are a way for you to find out what you’d like to know about the camping gear or gazebos that you want to buy.

So, let us know if there’s anything in the range of family or solo tents, outdoor cookware, camp chairs, portable beds, mattresses, backpacks or luggage that you’d particularly like Mel to review, and we’ll ask her to get cracking.