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New independent products reviews for camping gear


How do you choose the perfect sleeping bag, or the perfect tent, or the perfect kitchen sink for your family camping holiday? The exact perfect sleeping bag which you’ll never ever want to exchange? Never, never? ..... I have no idea either, it’s not possible, there’s simply too much choice.

I personally get analysis paralysis with all the choice of camping gear on offer and sometimes don’t end up buying anything at all. Or I just hit the BUY button for the first thing that scrolls onto my screen, and then hope for the best. Running an online business you’d think I’d be a better online shopper!

But mostly the real reason for my paralysis stems from not being able to physically examine the tent right in front of us that I want to buy. I know if I can touch and feel it, talk to the Sales Rep and ask them questions, then I know I’ve got a better chance of walking away with the tent that’s perfect for me and my family. But actually going into a camping store is time consuming, costly and tiring.

To fix this problem we’ve asked Melanie, a mother of 3 and weekend camper, to buy anonymously from Camping Central and review whatever she buys. She’ll comment honestly on how long it took from the time of purchase through to delivery at home. She’ll review the packaging quality, whether anything was damaged in transit and then she’ll go through what she thinks of each camping product she buys, from her own point of view. Mel isn’t a sales rep, she’s not an expert camper, nor does she have any particular interest in whether we like the reviews she writes or not. But we thought this would be a good way of giving you some better information about the products, from an honest point of view.

You’ll be able to take her tent, gazebo, camping gear reviews for exactly as they are, and I hope this will help you with your own analysis paralysis.