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Slamming Dunks on the Lifetime Portable Basketball System


Shooting hoops may seem like it requires mad skills like dunking and having an awesome free throw, but basketball is really one of the most approachable sports. Anyone can play. In Australia, you’re more likely to come across a group of people playing a friendly game of basketball than any other amateur sport*. That’s both because it’s popular and because with a portable basketball hoop you can play anywhere.

Video: Basketball Games: Around the World

A portable basketball goal can be a lifesaver in several situations in which you’re looking to kill time, have fun or keep your crew occupied. There are several basketball games, like Around the World, that can be played with just a couple people. Of course, you could purchase a basketball hoop just to park in your driveway like most people. But there really are several other uses for a portable system for you to ponder on.

  • Consider your basketball hoop as an essential part of camping. When tweens and teens get tired of hiking and listening to mom and dad tell stories they can retreat to the basketball goal for a few hours.

  • Do more than sleep through family reunions and company picnics—bring the portable basketball hoop and dominate your boss in a friendly game of sideline basketball.

  • Don’t let apartment life keep you trapped indoors. Roll out the portable basketball goal to an unoccupied bit of the apartment parking lot. Let the basketball games begin!


Video: Unbelievable Basketball Trick Shots


Practice your tricks shots off the shatter-proof backboard of a Lifetime 3m Portable Basketball System. The steel frame keeps it strong and stable for hundreds of afternoon games. You can leave it set up outside so it’s there anytime you need to blow off some steam. Or, take advantage of the transport wheels to move it, haul it to your next event or camping trip. The base of the portable basketball goal can be weighted down with sand or water. But not both. Because that’s just messy.

The Lifetime Portable Basketball system has premium features, has convenience in mind, and comes with a five-year limited warranty. Plus there are tons of assembly instructions and game ideas on the Lifetime Products YouTube page. You can view their YouTube channel for more information.

A family game of basketball is a terrific way of getting everyone off the couch on a sluggish afternoon. Plus, if your kids are getting to the age when they think you are so not cool, you can just block all their shots or dunk the ball off the Lifetime Slam-It Rim in their little face. (Okay, not literally in their face. That’s cruel. Like, they are standing far, far away and you dunk it and turn around and look at their jaw dropped in amazement and you nod your head and say, “Yeah, son. In your face.” And then you high-five and he thinks you’re cool again.)


*Source: http://www.nbl.com.au/index.php?id=959