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  • OZtrail Mitchell King Single Canvas Swag with Waterproof PVC base
  • OZtrail Mitchell King Motocycle Canvas Swag with Waterproof PVC base
  • OZtrail Mitchell King Single Camping Canvas Swag with Waterproof  base
  • King Single camper Canvas Swag
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OZtrail Mitchell King Single Canvas Swag with Waterproof PVC base Brand New

Well looked after Canvas Tents and Swags will prove durable and reliable for camping for many years to come.

• Tough and reliable 320gsm SatProof™ 600+ canvas
• Includes: 6cm high density open-cell foam mattress with polycotton sleeping surface
• Hard wearing PVC tub base
• High-tensile Durallium™ 7001 alloy poles
• Protective front window awning
• Easy access to full length top opening
• No-See-Um mesh panels for total insect protection


Dimensions: 70cm high (at head), 40cm high (at feet) x 90cm x 210cm. Mattress thickness 6cm

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Important: Swag Helpful Hints

  • This product is designed as a portable and temporary dwelling and is not for permanent use.
  • Avoid continuous exposure to sunlight as this will eventually cause the canvas to weaken, fading is an early warning sign of this process
  • New canvas products require conditioning. Simple pitch your swag and wet it down with a garden hose and let it dry. This allows the stitching holes to shrink and the stitching thread to swell providing a seal to form. It may be necessary to repeat this procedure 2 or 3 times to fully condition the canvas. Ensure the swag is completely dry before packing away.
  • A traditional first aid treatment for canvas is to always carry some candle wax. After storage and transport canvas may develop a damp area in wet conditions. Simply rub the candle wax to the outside of the damp area and this will create a waterproof barrier.
  • To extend the life of the mattress always store the swag and mattress unrolled.
  • Before storing the swag ensure the swag is clean and completely dry. Never store a damp or wet swag.

Swag Assembly Tips:

  • Select a level camp site, clear the area of stones and twigs etc.
  • Unroll the swag, you will find pegs, ropes and on some models poles.
  • Peg out the four corners.
  • On the models with alloy poles, assemble alloy poles, side through the poles sleeves, connect to the pin and ring assembly at the base of the swag and connect the plastic hook clips. On models with 3 alloy poles, the mid poles is fitted inside the swag and connected with Velcro securing tabs.
  • On models with a single short fibre pole this is to be placed into the external pocket at the foot of the swag and wedged into a vertical position.
  • On models with metal pole, assemble the pole, place the spigot through the eyelet at the head of the swag, attach guy rope and peg out or tie to vehicle or tree.
  • If required use guy ropes provided to peg out or tie to vehicle or tree. This will keep the swag taunt which is important during rain.

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