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OZtrail Eco Switch Back 2 Pop Up Tent Flip Out Instant

  • Oztrail Eco Switch Back 2 Pop Up Tent - (Angle View)
  • Oztrail Eco Switch Back 2 Pop Up Tent - (Dimension)
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The ECO Range has been designed with the beginner camper in mind. Traditional & simple design - simple & easy to erect!


  • Strong double-hoop firbreglass pole system allows setup in seconds
  • Heat taped seams provide water shields
  • Heavy-duty PE bucket floor
  • Easy access large D door entrance
  • Insect protection with fine no-see-um mesh
  • Packs flat into a circular carry bag

Sleeps: 2 people
Size: approx. 210 x 120cm
Weight: approx. 2.5Kg
Centre Height: 90cm

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What is not covered by your warranty

OZtrail tents use waterproof and water repellent fabrics. However, with the addition of seams, zips and other desirable features a recreational tent will not be as waterproof as a car, house or other solid structures.

The following are common examples of how water can enter a tent:

Condensation - When warm moist air meets cooler air, condensation occurs. The tent/shelter fly forms an impermeable layer between the inside and outside conditions. The moisture inside the tent/shelter condenses on the fabric. Sometimes in cold conditions it appears that the fabric is leaking when in fact the cause is condensation. Condensation can be reduced if the tent/shelter is well ventilated.

Zips - All care is taken in the design to cover zips with rain flaps. At times wind driven rain could force water under the rain flaps and through the zips. To minimise this, make sure all doors and windows are closed with the rain flaps covering the zips.

Floor - If the ground is very wet or water pools under the floor, downward pressure of standing or kneeling on the floor could force water through the floor fabric. To prevent this, do not pitch the tent over hollows and make sure water drains away from the tent.

Structural Integrity - A perfectly pitched tent on perfectly flat ground is structurally strong and most waterproof. During prolonged periods of rain and wind it may be necessary to tighten guy lines and reset the tent pegs and attend to drainage around the tent. Sagging and incorrect pitching weakens the tent structure and could allow water to pool on the fly placing undue forces on the tent causing leaking and breakages.

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  1. Perfect Tent Rating 5

    5 5

    Posted by on 20th Dec 2010

    "The tent was perfect for my camping trip yesterday! It is very comfortable and easy to assemble tent! Kudos to camping central for a great service they provide! Thanks! "

  2. Pop Up Tent Rating 5

    5 5

    Posted by on 16th Dec 2010

    "Fantastic buy. The product is in great condition and received almost immediately. Thank you! Give this site a 5 star for good service =D"