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Camelbak 750ml Bottle


  • Capacity: 25 oz (.75 L)
  • 100% BPA-Free
  • Flip, Bite-N-Sip: Our bottle Bite Valve's proven design contains no moving parts. Simply bite and sip- no tilting required.
  • Simple to Carry: The integrated handle makes it easy to clip a carabiner or carry with the crook of a finger.
  • The Perfect Size: Cap fits most other bottles, bottle attaches to most water filters, fits most cup holders.
  • Dishwasher Safe: Disassemble the parts and your bottle is safe to clean in the top rack of your dishwasher.
  • Spill-Proof: Our bottle won't spill even if it is left in the open position.


  • Hydration Capacity: 25 oz (.75 L)
  • 100% BPA-Free
  • CamelBak® Got Your Bak™ Lifetime Guarantee
  • Bite Valve Material: medical grade silicone
  • Straw Material: BPA-Free
  • Bottle Material: Tritan makes the Better Bottle clear, vibrant, durable, dishwasher safe and 100% BPA-Free.

What is BPA?                                           

Bisphenol-A is an ingredient used to make polycarbonate. In recent months, there has been increasing consumer demand for a bottle that is not made with Bisphenol-A (BPA), and CamelBak is proud to offer BPA-free bottles with the same great properties customers have come to expect from polycarbonate: vibrant color, clarity, durability, dishwasher-safe, and with no residual taste. The entire CamelBak bottle line is now available in BPA-Free materials in North America.

The Better Bottle Caps are made of Polypropylene – for toughness and sealing performance   

The Big Bite™ Valve is made of Medical-Grade Silicone – for long life and taste-free performance

                                                                                    What does the Recycle #7 symbol mean?                                             The number code inside a recycling symbol is a resin identification code, used primarily by those in the waste stream management industry. It is not a measure of safety, but indicates what an item is made from so that recycling plants know how to categorize and recycle it. BPA exists only in polycarbonate #7 bottles, but not in all #7 bottles, despite a great deal of misinformation in the media and public perception. It is possible that a #7 bottle does not contain any BPA at all. Recycling codes 1-6 refer to specific materials, while #7 is a miscellaneous category that simply signifies that a product does not fall into the categories 1-6. #7, or “other” plastics are often made of multiple resins or layers of different types of plastics. These may include microwavable packages, snack bags and industrial plastics. If a product does not have a recycle symbol on it, it is automatically categorized as #7 or “other.”                                                                                     Your BPA-Free Better Bottle with Classic Cap does not have a recycle symbol on it. Why not?                                           

The primary reason is that our bottle is meant to be re-used, not recycled. But also, we’ve discovered that there are more myths and misinformation about #7 plastics than truth. One of these misperceptions is that many people associate the #7 recycling symbol with polycarbonate. In order to differentiate our new BPA-free Better Bottle from our polycarbonate version, we chose to remove the symbol, and hopefully reduce confusion.. The new Tritan™ bottle is still considered “other” and will be categorized with #7 plastics but it is completely BPA-Free.

                                                                                    What is your BPA-free Better Bottle™ made from?                                           

The CamelBak Better Bottle™ line is made from a new copolyester polymer called Tritan™, made by Eastman. It offers the same great qualities that we have come to expect from polycarbonate bottles and is 100% BPA-Free. The BPA-Free CamelBak Better Bottle™ is now shipping to retail stores.


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