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Northpole Northeast Outfitters 14x12 ft Vacation Home Cabin 10 Person Family Tent

  • OZtrail 14x12 ft Vacation Home Cabin Tent - (Angle View)
  • OZtrail 14x12 ft Vacation Home Cabin Tent - (Easy to Set Up 1)
  • OZtrail 14x12 ft Vacation Home Cabin Tent - (Easy to Set Up 2)
  • OZtrail 14x12 ft Vacation Home Cabin Tent - (Easy to Set Up 3)
  • OZtrail 14x12 ft Vacation Home Cabin Tent - (Easy to Set Up 4)
  • OZtrail 14x12 ft Vacation Home Cabin Tent - (Easy to Set Up 5)
  • OZtrail 14x12 ft Vacation Home Cabin Tent - (Easy to Set Up 6)
  • OZtrail 14x12 ft Vacation Home Cabin Tent - (Easy to Set Up 7)
  • OZtrail 14x12 ft Vacation Home Cabin Tent - (Easy to Set Up 8)
  • OZtrail 14x12 ft Vacation Home Cabin Tent - (Easy to Set Up 9)
  • OZtrail 14x12 ft Vacation Home Cabin Tent - (Easy to Set Up 10)
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Fellow campers, introducing the new Northpole / Northeast Vacation Home - exclusive to Camping Central Australia. This tent is huge. Can sleep up to 10 people! And being a cabin tent, the walls are near vertical so it has plenty of air and head room, with outstanding circulation. You would normally pay around $400 for a tent of this size - Stock is limited!


  • 2 bedroom and a completely screened living room (total 3-rooms)
  • Strong pole assembly
  • 3 large entrances / fully enclosable windows on every panel with mozzie proof mesh
  • Excellent ventilation with high head room
  • Large awnings on either side to create additional shade and sitting area
  • Hard wearing floor
  • Inner and fly are polyester
  • Included wheeled carry bag

Capacity: 10 people
Weight: approx. 30kg
Size: approx. 12 x 14ft (3.6x4.2m)


Please Note: Waterproofing

This tent has been manufactured for the US market & seam sealer is not applied on most tents in the US

Therefore to ensure this tent is as waterproof as possible it requires a liquid seam sealer to be applied to the fly (all seams, joins, zips etc).

Seam sealer is available from camping stores (for around $15 a tube) and is easy to apply and generally only needs to be applied once. Until this is applied the seams may leak some water


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Janet: I want to buy a family tent. 2 adults, a 3 1/2 year old girl and 1 year old still in a cot. would the OZtrail 6V be big enough? would the Vacation Home be too big what do you suggest. I want to keep the price under $200. Thank you.

Camping Central: Hi Janet, Thanks for your email. Yes I think the 6V would be too small. The Vacation Home is a great size and leaves you extra room to move. Also being a cabin tent it has plenty of head room so you can spend time in the tent without feeling crammed. Hope this helps.

Mark: I am checking that the OZtrail Vacation Home is fully water proof as there is no information relating to that. Also, I am in Bendigo Victoria. How long would delivery take from date of order.

Camping Central: Hi Mark, We don't claim any tent to be 100% waterproof. Most will resist some rain, however in a heavy downpour all tents will eventually leak. If you want to be sure of complete water proofing, best idea is to put a tarp over your tent. Delivery takes approx. 3-4 business days. Thanks! Shahin

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Independent Product Reviews

from Melanie,

My latest order from Camping Central arrived promptly in a rather battered box … which appears to have done its job well as the tent bag inside the box was fully intact, entirely unbattered.

So then it was time to set it up. It’s been a good few years since I last set up a tent so it’s fair to say I’m somewhat rusty but I have to admit that I found setting this tent up rather tricky. For me, the instructions needed illustrations of the tent components linking them with their name. I didn’t instinctively know the gable poles from the wall poles. Once we worked out which were which (through trial and error) the tent went up more smoothly.

It probably took two of us an hour (of increasing frustration) to get it up. The second time around would, of course, be much quicker. I would definitely recommend a practice run before taking it away on a camping trip.

For all of our set-up issues, the tent is certainly an impressive size. There is plenty of head-room and a good amount of space for the whole family. The number and size of windows and/or doors is impressive - there’s a lot of options for getting a lot of air through the tent. All of the windows/doors can be fastened or unfastened from inside and feature midgie-proof mesh (flyscreens).

The fabric of both the tent and the fly is quite light, it’s smooth and soft. The floor of the tent is more sturdy and no doubt hard-wearing. The zips seem to be about right for the weight of the fabric - plenty strong enough.

Plastic pegs are provided for securing the tent. I’m not sure if this is standard these days (goodness, how old am I?!) but I definitely prefer steel pegs. Although they’re a very solid plastic, I managed to snap my first one in half before adjusting the angle I was thrusting them in to the ground with.

The Vacation Home withstood the transgressions of a host of children and seemed quite strong until gale-force winds started up and almost blew it away. The awnings were the first to suffer and I took them down/rolled them up rather hastily. With some repegging and opening of windows to allow the wind to pass through the tent fared better but I wasn’t brave enough to leave it up overnight. It really looked like it would be picked up and taken away - probably not so likely to happen if there’s actually people in it.

So I suppose it’s not the best performer in the wind - although I don’t think tents and winds are ever the best of companions.

One final word of warning: keep in mind that a tent erected in a backyard is like a beacon for all the neighbourhood children - they will come, they will play and they will not want to leave.

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  1. Super fast delivery Rating 5

    5 5

    Posted by on 17th Feb 2011

    "Thanks for the quick delivery. I appreciate it."

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